Welcome to Computer Repairs Carnegie – at Ourtechs. We are your local computer repairs service organization assisting all home and business owners with their computer and IT needs. We offer an extensive range of computer services at an affordable price. We also provide custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We specialize in fixing all makes and models of desktop computers and laptops. We connect you with one of our professional and highly skilled technicians to assist you with your computer service needs.

At Ourtechs, we value your time and trust. Our skilled and experienced technicians will estimate the amount of time it would take to fix your computer before commencing the job. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and come up with the most effective, fast and cot-effective solutions to your computer problem.

We also work with a policy of NO FIX NO FEE, so if your computer or laptop is beyond repair we won’t charge you a thing. For more information about our services in Carnegie and to speak with someone who speaks in your terms, contact us!

Our Local Onsite Services

Onsite Only Computer Repairs Carnegie

Very affordable and reliable computer repairs services in Carnegie. Best quotes available for all your IT needs

Virus Removal Carnegie

At Ourtechs, we have Virus Removal Technicians in Carnegie. We safeguard your data and provide solutions to prevent such viruses arising in the future.

Mobile Technicians Carnegie

We provide excellent technical support. Our Mobile Technicians in Carnegie are ready to come to you. With Mobile Techs on board, quick support and solutions to your IT needs in Carnegie is guaranteed.

Call us on: 1300 687 832 or Email: info@ourtechs.com.au

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