Hi there! Welcome to OurtechsData Recovery Expert in Strathmore. We can recover any deleted or lost data on any digital storage device with the cheapest price around offered to both residential and business customers in Strathmore and its surrounding area. We have long years of experience in providing data recovery service in the industry and we have developed advanced tools that helps us recover data from any digital storage medium. At Ourtechs, we can also provide you with other IT services such as computer repairs, hard drive repairs, virus removal and IT Support. All these are provide 24/7 at your convenience.

We at Ourtechs have a policy of NO DATA NO FEE for our data recovery service and a NO FIX NO FEE for any repairs services. Have confidence in our services as we guarantee you that you will get the result that you’ve looking for or we will not charge you. We get paid from the results we deliver. For any inquiry or if you need a help from professionals, don’t hesitate and call us today.

Our Local Onsite Services

Onsite Only Computer Repairs Strathmore

Very affordable and reliable computer repairs services in Strathmore. Best quotes available for all your IT needs

Virus Removal Strathmore

At Ourtechs, we have Virus Removal Technicians in Strathmore. We safeguard your data and provide solutions to prevent such viruses arising in the future.

Mobile Technicians Strathmore

We provide excellent technical support. Our Mobile Technicians in Strathmore are ready to come to you. With Mobile Techs on board, quick support and solutions to your IT needs in Strathmore is guaranteed.

Call us on: 1300 687 832 or Email: info@ourtechs.com.au

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